Postnatal Care Services

At LYC Mother & Child Centre, You Can Enjoy A Worry-Free Five-Star Luxury Postpartum Care With Our Professional & Well-Trained Team. Visit Now!

Experienced and Professional Baby Care

With LYC Mother & Child Centre, rest assured your little one will be taken care of by our team of qualified registered caregivers during your time at our postnatal care centre.

Weekly In-House Doctors’ Visits

At LYC Mother & Child Centre, we provide weekly check-ups by qualified and registered in-house doctors to monitor the health levels of postpartum mothers and babies.

Comprehensive Breast Engorgement Prevention & Treatment

We provide extensive prevention and treatment services for breast engorgement, designed and guided by our experience in postnatal care.

Certified & Experienced In-House Lactation Specialist

Our Certified Lactation Specialists at LYC Mother & Child Centre will guide our postnatal mothers on proper breastfeeding technique.

Delicious Traditional & Modern Cuisine By TCM Doctors & Nutritionists

We serve well-balanced, nutritious, and delicious confinement meals to help restore the mother’s nutrition loss during pregnancy and childbirth.

Professional In-House Dietitian Consultation

Our in-house dietitian provides dietary support and meal customisation for postnatal mothers with special health needs.

Postnatal Wellness Programs

LYC Mother & Child provides a first-class postnatal care experience for mothers who are looking for a postnatal care centre in Malaysia to rejuvenate after giving birth.

Educational Programs for Mothers and Babies

We conduct health talks, seminars, workshops and weekly classes by medical professionals to better equip our mothers with the knowledge they need to provide the best care to their newborns.

Postnatal Exercise & Wellness Classes

To ensure our mothers’ healing and wellness, we provide various postnatal care classes guided by professional instructors, to help calm the mind and body.

Postnatal Aesthetic & Beauty Services

To complete the postnatal care experience, mothers can choose from our popular beauty and aesthetic treatments to achieve complete body rejuvenation inside and out.

24-Hour Top-Tier Security Control

Our centre is well-equipped with a strict surveillance structure, to provide peace-of-mind for mothers and fathers.

Hotel-Standard Daily Housekeeping

We provide hotel-standard housekeeping in each room daily, as well as regular sterilization of rooms using UV light and laundry services for mothers.

Postnatal Care Packages

We offer a variety of confinement packages to suit the individual needs and preference of postnatal mothers. Each of our 14, 28, and 44-day postnatal care packages have been carefully crafted to best accommodate postnatal mothers, drawn from our years of experience in postnatal and postpartum care. We are also able to provide other flexible stay options for our postnatal mothers.

Basic Essentials

14 & 28 Days
  • 24-Hour Professional Nursery Care
  • 24-Hour 1-to-1 Baby CCTV
  • Weekly Doctor Visits
  • Lactation Consultation
  • Dietitian Consultation
  • 5 Dietitian-Approved Meals Daily
  • Free-Flow Red Dates Tea
  • Daily Herbal Soup by TCM Doctors
  • Daily Herbal Bath
  • Postnatal Educational Classes and Talks
  • Postnatal Yoga & Relaxation Classes
  • Daily Housekeeping

Comprehensive Rejuvenate

44 Days
  • ALL Services under Basic Package
  • ALL Services under Standard Package
  • Professional Advanced Radio Frequency Facial
  • Stretch Mark Laser Treatment
  • Pedicure & Manicure
  • LYC Exclusive Products for Baby Care
  • LYC Exclusive Products for Mother Head-to-Toe Care
  • LYC Exclusive Products for Family

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Postnatal confinement care is an extremely important process for mothers who have just given birth. It is the crucial time for mothers to recuperate and rejuvenate at the beginning of their new motherhood journey. At LYC Mother & Child Centre, we focus on providing a professional postnatal care experience by combining traditional and scientific methods, so that our mothers can regain their health, enhance immunity, and gain improved physique in just a month’s time.

Why Professional Confinement Centre instead of Home Confinement?

Spending your postnatal period at a professional, medical-focused centre means being surrounded by experienced nurses and caregivers 24/7, thus providing you the peace-of-mind to rest well and feel reassured that your new baby is getting the professional care they require. Our team of postnatal care specialists will be available to address your concerns in-house, and provide personalised and professional support for you, including nutrition consultation, lactation and breastfeeding support, and other postnatal care needs.

At a professional confinement centre, safety, security, and cleanliness is of utmost importance. Our strict visiting policy means that you no longer have to worry about keeping your newborn safe from friends and family during the first month when the baby is most vulnerable. In addition, weekly doctor visits to our postnatal care centre allows you to stay indoors safely instead of venturing outside for common health-related concerns.

Our Postnatal Care Services provided are guided by our Experience in Postnatal and Postpartum Care

All our postnatal offerings, from products to services to classes, have been specially selected to accelerate healing for postpartum mothers based on our experience. Postpartum mothers can generally experience a four-step physiological change if the postnatal care has been done properly:

Week 1: Dispel blood stasis and create new blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach.
Week 2: Recuperate health and increase blood circulation, promote lactation. Week 3: Strengthen the liver, kidney, bones and muscles.
Week 4: Replenish energy, prevent back pain.