Feeling overwhelmed from baby duties? Here are 6 ways to cope with the emotional stress of being a new parent:

As a new parent, you begin your journey down the long road of parenting. A new baby can bring joy into your life, but it can also make parents stressed out and exhausted. Whether you're a new parent or an experienced one, here are 6 practical tips for managing emotional stress while caring for a new baby:

1. Take care of yourself first

Get the energy needed to care for your newborn baby by practicing good habits. Don't be overly dependent on caffeine, instead, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and get some fresh air. Go to sleep when your baby sleeps, and try to create a nighttime schedule with your partner so that both of you can take turns resting and caring for the baby.

2. Communicate with visitors in advance

After a newborn baby is born, relatives and friends may be eager to see the baby. Let them know when is the best time to visit and how much time you have for visitors. Be sure to let visitors wash their hands before holding the baby, and ask anyone who is sick not to come.

3. Go with the flow when riding the emotional roller coaster

Mothers can experience all kinds of emotional ups and downs in less than an hour, from teasing her baby's tiny fingers and toes, to feeling overwhelmed by the loss of her freedom, and to worrying about her ability to take care of her newborn, which can lead to anxiety, stress and parental burnout. Try to relax and remind yourself: "This will be over soon".

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself, keep things simple

For mothers who want to keep the house spotless, don't worry about the dust in the room for now! When you don’t have time to clean, briefly clean the bathroom occasionally with a clean diaper or wet wipes, and keep clean clothes in a laundry basket or on the floor until they need to be changed. When you are too tired to prepare three meals for the family, keep it simple.

5. Accept help from relatives and friends

If your newborn is driving you crazy, try taking your baby out for a walk. If possible, have a trusted relative or friend look after your newborn. When relatives and friends offer to help, accept their help.

6. Keep a clear head

Remember, you are the one who knows your baby best, and even though the golden rules in the best-selling parenting books have changed over the years, there is one thing that stays the same when it comes to parenting: parents want their baby to be healthy and happy.

The days of caring for a newborn baby don't last long, and even if the situation is chaotic, it's wonderful. Parenting is a real challenge, even when things are going well. If you are depressed or unable to adapt to life with a newborn baby, please consult a doctor and learn to deal with all the new pressures in life. This will help you enjoy the dedication and sacrifices as a new parent.

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